Garni Hotel Consul Accommodation is located in Prvomajska Street, No31, in Nis. The street is in the very center of the town, but in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood and with green surroundings, with no traffic noise.

All you might need is almost at hand; at a distance of 30m. There is a store opet 24 hours at a distance of 100m. There is a Serbian grilled meat, also open 24 hours, and there is a variety of fast food,cafes and restaurants at only 50-300m distance; bus-stop is only 100m away, while the main bus-station is 2km away. The airport is 3km away, the railway station is 2km away. The teather is at 100m distance, main post-office at 150 m, as well as the Justice Palace and Police Department. A shopping mall and plenty of cafes are 500m away; where's the park Čair, the stadium and sports hall are 300m away. The fortress is 800m away. The hospital and medical centre are 300m away.